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NEW! Photographs by Linne Thomas

I have taken photographs since the 1970’s of my travels, for my paintings and of people, places and things that catch my eye,
spark my imagination or just tickle my fancy. I took the photos of Janis Joplin in one of her last concerts before she died and this is the
first time I have decided to make them available.

Available in glossy finish only matted with backing board in a clear protective sleeve in sizes
8” x 10” - $35., 11” x 14” - $45., 16” x 20” - $85 the 1970's

.Janis Joplin 1

"Janis Joplin 1"

Janis Joplin

"Janis Joplin 3"

Fry Bread

"Fry Bread"

- Sepia

"Sand Cave Silhouette"

"Janis Joplin 2"

Fry Bread

"Fry Bread"

- Black and white

"Surfer Dude"

"Canyon Dude"